Under the Greek Sun

July 13, 2011

I have been referred to as a “busy Renaissance man” in other distinguished quarters of the blogosphere. I am not so sure about the second part, but busy, certainly. My print-and-radio self doesn’t cope easily with my blogging identity, or vice versa.

I am in Athens this week, reporting on the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. First two La Presse articles here and here. It looks like I’m turning into a Wajdi Mouawad watcher.

Dmitry Cherniakov’s sublime reading of Eugene Onegin (with the exquisite Ekaterina Scherbachenko as Tatyana – excerpt above filmed in Moscow, with Tatiana Monogarova) was also on the program. More soon (hopefully).




Print Hiatus

March 12, 2011

Back in the saddle. I have been kept busy in nearby dwellings, attending the European Opera Forum in London, the last performances of both Anna Nicole at Covent Garden and Lucrezia Borgia at ENO, plus Claus Guth’s excellent new Parsifal at the Liceu in Barcelona. More on that promptly.

Last week, Wajdi Mouawad opened F.I.N.D. 2011, the yearly festival of new authors presented by the Schaubühne, with the world premiere of his play Temps. I was already in Albion and could not attend, but wrote a short preview for Montréal’s daily La Presse. My piece on Anna Nicole (also in French) was published yesterday morning.